LGBTQ Outdoor Summit
to Oct 21

LGBTQ Outdoor Summit

  • NatureBridge at Golden Gate (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS


To cultivate connections, build community and inspire leaders from across the outdoor industry and beyond to create more accessible and affirming ways for the LGBTQ community to get OUTside. 


  1. Provide an affirming space to represent the LGBTQ Community's unique barriers, needs and wants as they pertain to getting outside.
  2. Offer leaders, organizations and companies the opportunity to come together in creating a common dialogue with the LGBTQ Community and solutions to access issues.
  3. To increase engagement of LGBTQ individuals across all facets of the industry.
  4. To further the missions of the organizations, agencies and companies already engaged in reducing barriers for the LGBTQ Community to get outside. 
  5. Engage in more nuanced dialogue that recognizes the vast diversity of experiences and identities within the LGBTQ community.
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